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From Conversation to Compostion: Creating Communicative Contexts for Global Competence

Levilson C. Reis

Last modified: 2009-12-14


L2 writing research has hitherto focused on theoretical and case-study research almost exclusively while leaving their most practical implications to classroom instruction to the wayside. This presentation offers ideas on how to design and carry out a writing task in a communicative classroom setting based on a thematic thread originating from a lesson or unit in a current elementary French textbook. Based on a well-documented connection between speaking and writing, this presentation proposes an oral communicative task as the pre-writing context that to introduce the writing topic, the basic language (vocabulary and structures), and the sociocultural context of the writing activity in terms of context, situation, function, or audience, creating an interactive model of writing informed by a shared frame of reference. This presentation follows the completion of the writing process with a collaborative oral (peer) revision, assisted by editing protocols that inform both form and content. This presentation seeks to reclaim writing as an integral skill in the classroom L2 acquisition process.